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Vasilitsi Photo on Koroni Map
Βασιλίτσι - Village
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Vasilitsi is the southiest village of Messinia, to be reached by the road Koroni-Methoni. (>map). It tkes about 7km from Koroni.  It lies some kilometers from the sea, but also has a long coast with beaches. The nearest Beach is Agios Niklolaos Beach, also called Vaslilitsi Beach, it is about 3 km from Vasilitsi where the Raod from Koroni leaves the coast.
In tthe eastern part, the is Agios Vasilios Church. In Vaslitsi the is als a small suoermarket, Kafeneions and tavernas as well asl a Oil Mill.
It has a large outback with Zarnaoura Mountain, Azanitsa Mountain as well as the Cape Aktritas and Selitsa area al well as Faneromeni hamlet & Kalamaki Beach or Venetiki Island
Above Vasilitsi lies the now abandonned Chrisokellaria Monastery